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Instagram is a visual platform, so whether you are trying to grow your instagram account or just sharing beautiful photos for fun, remember that editing is one of the most important factors and aspects of each and every single image you share! Editing can be the single factor that elevates your photo from good to great.

After over five years of creating content and continuously refining our editing skills and growing a community of over 300,000 on @Zeebalife, we created our TRAVEL LIFE Preset pack to facilitate the editing process for you so you can give your photos a more polished and professional look and allow you to edit just like us. Yes, these are the exact presets that we have crafted and developed throughout the years to edit our own photos!

We have worked tirelessly and meticulously to ensure our TRAVEL LIFE Preset Pack is effective and versatile to suit your needs whether you are shooting with a DSLR camera or your iPhone and to allow you to transform your images through one click solutions or with some adjustments. This complete pack is suitable for diverse environments from tropical beaches and vibrant sunsets, to lifestyle shots and even desert and winter destinations!

-The TRAVEL LIFE pack includes TWENTY ONE custom and unique presets. Each preset comes with a mobile and desktop version so there is a total of 42 presets in the pack (meaning that you choose whether you wish to edit on your desktop or straight from your phone or both). You will receive:

-21 Desktop Presets for Adobe Lightroom 

-21 Mobile Presets for Adobe Lightroom App

-Installation guide + Preset / Editing Tips

If you love this product please leave a review below with an image you have edited. Use #byzeeba and/or tag @byzeeba when you post so I can see and share your images :)

If you need any help with presets please make sure to read over the Preset / Editing tips that is included with your purchase in the Installation Guide and the Preset FAQs. In the case your question has not been answered or you have something else in mind, please email .

Also know that by purchasing my presets, you will be directly helping to fund the I HEART AFRICA projects in DR Congo, Ghana, and Jamaica as I have made the commitment to donate 20% of every single sale. Always. So THANK YOU for helping build and fund this great initiate to help orphan children. You can visit @iheartafricafotorg or their gofund me page to learn more.