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BTS #7 - Sunset in Douro Valley, Portugal

Sunsets in Douro Valley, Portugal🌅⁣

Instagram post:

Behind the Shot:⁣
📸Camera: Canon 1 DX mark ii ⁣
🔭 lens: Sigma 24mm⁣
🎞Aperture: f/1.4⁣
💡ISO: 200⁣
⚡️Shutter Speed: 1/250⁣
🔛Continuos shooting : OFF - Still shot ⁣

🎨Edited on Lightroom using my presets from my Travel Life Pack 
📍Location: Douro Royal Valley Hotel ⁣ 🗺Location Accessibility- This is a private pool in the property only accesible to guests. ⁣
⏰Time: 8 PM⁣
📝TIP: At just a one hour drive from Porto, this hotel is a hidden gem in Douro Valley. The prices are very reasonable considering the location and view. It is very relaxing with a beautiful view and it’s a great base if you want to explore that area. We stayed 3 nights though I think we would had been good with just 2 as well. The pool water is cold and it can get quite windy even more so at sunset. So in reality it’s tough for a sunset swim but good for photos because it’s empty 🤓🙃