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BTS #6 - Crystal Clear Blues in Maldives

Maldivian blues💙⁣

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Behind the Shot:⁣⁣
📸Camera: Canon 1 DX mark ii ⁣⁣
🔭 lens: Canon 20mm⁣
🎞Aperture: f/9.0⁣
💡ISO: 100⁣
⚡️Shutter Speed: 1/320⁣
🔛Continuos shooting : ON ⁣⁣

🎨Edited on Lightroom using my presets from my Travel Life Pack 
📍Location: Kanura Maldives                                                                                  

🗺Location Accessibility- This is beach is located in Kanuhura Maldives , a private island in the Maldives so it is only accesible to guests. ⁣
⏰Time: 11 AM ⁣
📝TIP: I love a photo that shows beautiful crystal clear blues specially of an amazing island destination like Maldives. So in order to capture the water clarity and all those beautiful crystal clear blues at their best, lighting is the most important. If the sun is too low (early morning or late afternoon) the water “clarity” will not be at its best (it all depends on what you have in mind to capture ). 8-10-10:30AM are my favorite times to shoot my “blue” photos because you can get some beautiful side light, not too many harsh shadows and the water is in full display 💙Plus also typically not a very popular time