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BTS # 3 - African Sunset in Serengeti National Park

Magical sunsets in the African bush🌳
⁣Instagram post:
Behind the Shot:⁣
📸Camera: Canon 1 DX mark ii ⁣
🔭 Lens: Sigma 105mm⁣
🎞Aperture: f/1.4⁣
💡ISO: 200⁣
⚡️Shutter Speed: 1/640⁣
🔛Continuos shooting : ON ⁣

🎨Edited on Lightroom using my presets from my Travel Life Pack 
📍Location:  Serengeti National Park with Four Seasons Seregenti - Tanzania     ⁣ 🗺Location Accessibility- This photo was taken in Serengeti National Park during a romantic sunset dinner set up💫

⏰Time: 7 PM ⁣
📝TIPS: Sunsets in Tanzania where so stunning that in this image we have just brought back and accentuated the real colors. We shot underexposed to retain all those beautiful details and textures in the sky 🎨