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BTS #2 - Asensor da Bica, Lisbon, Portugal

Exploring the streets in the old town of Lisbon💫⁣
⁣Instagram post:
Behind the Shot:⁣
📸Camera: Canon 1 DX mark ii ⁣
🔭 Lens: Sigma 35mm⁣
🎞Aperture: f/1.4⁣
💡ISO: 200⁣
⚡️Shutter Speed: 1/640⁣
🔛Continuos shooting : ON ⁣

🎨Edited on Lightroom using my presets from my Travel Life Pack 
📍Location: Asensor da Bica, Old Town Lisbon

⁣ 🗺Location Accessibility- This is a street in the middle of the old town and it is VERY popular. ⁣
⏰Time: 6 PM ⁣
📝TIPS: If you want to capture the iconic shot with the tram , you should go early morning or have lots of patience. Instead we went further down and shot something different. In the video in the original post on @byzeeba you can see in the video how busy it was and how just a few meters down we had the whole area to ourselves💫 Also, though I absolutely love how the photo turned out, next time I would adjust the aperture so the background is a bit “sharper”, not all the way to f/7 but maybe f/4⁣ or slightly less.