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BTS #1 - Calo des Moro, Mallorca, Spain

Once a hidden gem known only by locals, Calo des Moro has now become the most iconic beach in the island of Mallorca. Due to its popularity and beauty, this beautiful cove beach has topped everyone's must visit list in the island bringing tourists from all over the world to this once little known place. 

Behind the Shot:⁣

Instagram post:

📸Drone: DJI Mavic Pro II ⁣
🎞Aperture: f/7.1 ⁣
💡ISO: 200⁣
⚡️Shutter Speed: 1/1000⁣
🔛Self Timer: ON - So both my husband and I can be in the photo 🤓⁣

🎨Edited on Lightroom using my presets from my Travel Life Pack 

📍Location: Calo des Moro, Majorca, Spain 

🗺Location Accessibility- This is a public beach. After parking your car, you will need to walk about 15minutes until you reach the entrance where you will need to hike down for another 10 minutes. This particular spot in the photo is in a small path passing the entrance of the beach (hiking up), it is small and hidden BUT easy to find as it is “the” photo spot of this location. If you have little ones with you when heading there, keep the kids close and by the hand at all times as there are some narrow areas. ⁣
⏰Time: 9-10 AM⁣ ⁣
📝TIPS: Note that the beach is VERY small and it gets PACKED due to its popularity so make sure to get there at 9AM or before 10 to get a good spot. Keep in mind that the size of the beach varies based on the tide. And take everything you need like sunscreen, towels, water etc. At times there is a guy selling water but I wouldn’t relay on it. Also wouldn’t recommend to take a stroller because there are lots of stairs and the beach is not your typical beach, it’s tucked in a cove⁣